What a long strange trip it’s been …

Welcome to the fourth incarnation of the Digger Archives discussion forum, first begun in 1992 at the very beginning of the days of HTML and WWW. This incarnation is a spin-off of the Digger Bread blog, which is now closed—there were actually two spin-offs, the Free Family Union blog, and this, the newly named Digger Feed blog.

Why “Digger Feed?” The group of us who named it are a bunch of punsters and the idea of a blog that refers to the old-time Digger Free Feeds in the Panhandle, and at the same time refers to the idea of a news feed, well the double-entendre was too seductive to pass by. Why “watering hole”? That’s what the Digger Discussion Forums have been over the years. A place for like-minded folks to chat, to mingle, to wrangle, to commiserate, to celebrate.

This blog will be a bit different from other blogs. If a reader wants to simply “comment” on posts (the main messages on this page) just include your email address the first time you add a comment. Ever after, you will be able to comment without needing to get your comment approved.

However, if anyone would like to have the option of becoming an “author” which means the ability to create new posts, you will need to register using a WordPress account. Once you are registered, you can then create new posts, and leave comments to your heart’s desire.

Welcome everyone. Hope the water’s sweet. 🙂


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