Declaration from the Poor Oppressed People

declaration_1649-mod-5-800pxThis is a photo of the cover of what I call the Second (English) Digger Manifesto, published in 1649, and laying out the vision of their communal enterprise:

That our hearts begin to be freed from slavish fear of men, such as you are; and that we find Resolutions in us, grounded upon the inward law of Love, one towards another, To Dig and Plough up the Commons, and waste Lands through England; and that our conversation shall be so unblameable, That your Laws shall not reach to oppress us any longer, unless you by your Laws will shed the innocent blood that runs in our veins.

Read more at: the English Diggers page on the Digger Web, the English Diggers Writings, and the Second Digger Manifesto (the above image).

This is a photo I took on my last trip to New York City when I brought Billy Murcott to the NY Public Library Special Collections at the Fifth Avenue main branch. They have one of the few remaining copies in existence.



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