ComCo/NY new items for the archive

One of the early SF Diggers was recently going through her personal archives and came across these two street sheets from the Communications Company/New York and generously donated them to The Digger Archives. These are rare items—there is no collection of ComCo/NY items as far as I am aware. Communications Company / New York was started by Jim Fouratt (known at the time as Jimmy Digger) in 1967, inspired by the operation model that Chester Anderson and Claude Hayward had started in January, 1967, in San Francisco (which was called Communication [no “s”] Company). Both groups published street sheets that document the early history of the Digger movement.

If anyone has Digger materials in their personal files and are considering their fate, please consider donating to The Digger Archives.


The sheet (below) announces the wedding of Anita and Abbie Hoffman in Central Park on June 10, 1967.



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